Sunday, 15 July 2012

(in no particular order...)

Since Im going to be experiencing two winters this year, thought it would be good to document some things that make winters for me that little bit warmer...

1. Frank Ocean's CHANNEL ORANGE
 This is such a beautiful album. Ocean's voice, with those smooth original RnB beats; that have in recent times, been lost to generic Guetta crap, have- thank goodness- returned in this album. I can chuck on this album on my way to work and forget about the water leaking into my hole ridden shoes, the 14yo lad tagging up the beautifully mosaiced train station and the overall feeling of death knowing I'm working an 11 hour shift....My fave track for today is GOLDEN GIRL

2. NYC
 I have exactly 25 days 5 hrs 42...41 secs till I embark on an adventure to the States, with NYC being my official first stop! Already booked a Gossip Girl Tour (lol), more than excited for my journey to begin!!! Could say a bajillion reasons why Im excited, but I'm sure ill post something more in depth about this later on... 23..22

[Warning I love my TV, like, love love love, all genres; big and small. I don't discriminate, and reality, or really faux reality is no exception...If you do not see or at least enjoy the art of crappy telly skip to #4]

3. Made in Chelsea S03

This show is so bloody brill. Its like 'The Only Way is Essex' except for instead of being so bad its good, its so good its bad... but o so good! My favourites are Caggie, Millie and Jamie... Spencer is a twat. I love most things about this show..the clothes are lush and preppy,the scenery makes me want to board a plane to LDN immediately & the drama is tinged with the perfect amount of scriptwriting.   I just finished season 3 and I'm so sad/lost... the good news is my posh Chelsea-ian accent is on point!

4. Top knots

Love a good bun, my hairdresser said I've destroyed my ends from doing them too much.. so in a bid to gain some length I've embarked on the glum road of bun celibacy. RIP chignon. 

I saw this cutie pie at a mini music festival near my apartment in Paris, along with the likes of IM FROM BARCELONA, METRONOMY  and Aussies TAME IMPALA, with my mama last year. For some reason it has taken me this long to finally download her album (and follow her on twitter hehe @soKothecat)and Im so glad I have. At times her songs get a bit too abstract or just plain sad for me to listen to, but the majority are beautifully emotive and uplifting..just the way I like it. 
               You look at me as if i was a freak
               but you said you like freaky people
           so i thought you might like me, a little bit