Sunday, 15 July 2012

(in no particular order...)

Since Im going to be experiencing two winters this year, thought it would be good to document some things that make winters for me that little bit warmer...

1. Frank Ocean's CHANNEL ORANGE
 This is such a beautiful album. Ocean's voice, with those smooth original RnB beats; that have in recent times, been lost to generic Guetta crap, have- thank goodness- returned in this album. I can chuck on this album on my way to work and forget about the water leaking into my hole ridden shoes, the 14yo lad tagging up the beautifully mosaiced train station and the overall feeling of death knowing I'm working an 11 hour shift....My fave track for today is GOLDEN GIRL

2. NYC
 I have exactly 25 days 5 hrs 42...41 secs till I embark on an adventure to the States, with NYC being my official first stop! Already booked a Gossip Girl Tour (lol), more than excited for my journey to begin!!! Could say a bajillion reasons why Im excited, but I'm sure ill post something more in depth about this later on... 23..22

[Warning I love my TV, like, love love love, all genres; big and small. I don't discriminate, and reality, or really faux reality is no exception...If you do not see or at least enjoy the art of crappy telly skip to #4]

3. Made in Chelsea S03

This show is so bloody brill. Its like 'The Only Way is Essex' except for instead of being so bad its good, its so good its bad... but o so good! My favourites are Caggie, Millie and Jamie... Spencer is a twat. I love most things about this show..the clothes are lush and preppy,the scenery makes me want to board a plane to LDN immediately & the drama is tinged with the perfect amount of scriptwriting.   I just finished season 3 and I'm so sad/lost... the good news is my posh Chelsea-ian accent is on point!

4. Top knots

Love a good bun, my hairdresser said I've destroyed my ends from doing them too much.. so in a bid to gain some length I've embarked on the glum road of bun celibacy. RIP chignon. 

I saw this cutie pie at a mini music festival near my apartment in Paris, along with the likes of IM FROM BARCELONA, METRONOMY  and Aussies TAME IMPALA, with my mama last year. For some reason it has taken me this long to finally download her album (and follow her on twitter hehe @soKothecat)and Im so glad I have. At times her songs get a bit too abstract or just plain sad for me to listen to, but the majority are beautifully emotive and uplifting..just the way I like it. 
               You look at me as if i was a freak
               but you said you like freaky people
           so i thought you might like me, a little bit

Sunday, 8 July 2012

You can pay for school but you can’t buy class
                                           -Kanye West                                                  

While we may snigger or smirk at the sight of an Ed Hardy laden, southern cross tattoo toting, midriff bearing [sadly, male and female], proud public displays of ugg boot lovin’, year 9 dropout [because school “wasn’t for them”, we should also be wary of the increasing phenomena of, what I proclaim as; the Cashed Up Bogan’.
[For definition of a 'Bogan':]
Similar to the burgeoning middle class of pre-revolutionary France, we should be cautious of the [often misguided, or just plain ignorant] actions of many of this societal faction. While many do work hard to further their own, or offspring’s education and general cultural awareness, many others, consider their accelerated gain of fortune as the epitome of success and encourage others to follow their lead. They consider their twice-annual trips to Bali [mainly residing in prominently Australian nightclubs, drinking Cruisers and slabs of Bintang] and their sprawling mansion in the outer suburbs with a smorgasbord of  ‘hotted up’ Holden Commodores as proof of why education and just plain common sense is not necessary for monetary gain, because that’s obviously the only indicator of success…

We could just let them be in their blissful ignorance, the trouble really lies when they delve into deluded Leninist political consciousness. Before reading and, better yet comprehending, policies of Australian political parties, they’ve already slapped on a ‘fuck off we’re full’ [I kid you not, I’ve personally witnessed] on an aforementioned Holden Commodore and have already made Andrew Bolt [charged with breaching the racial discrimination Act] their martyr. An example of this largely ignorant political activism came at their pilgrimage to Canberra, encouraged by the [tabloid] Herald Sun, self-proclaimed shock jock Alan Jones and unfortunately a potential prime ministerial candidate- Tony Abbott [who I quote ‘will do anything to get into power’ and whom ‘we cannot trust everything he says because he often makes mistakes in the heat of the moment’]. Here at the mecca of Australian politics, unlike our predecessors who perhaps came here to rally against the Vietnam War or South African apartheid, here our delightful friends chanted and held up placards stating ‘burn the witch’ and ‘ditch the bitch’. Ahh nothing like a bit of degrading the prime minister through rhyme to inspire me to join these crusaders.

So while it is entertaining for us to identify the obvious techniques employed by journalists in our national and state wide newspapers [read as ‘tabloids], we must remember that not everyone passed [or even made it to] year 12 language analysis. While we must accept these people in their ‘going out trackies’, be happy that at least their not on welfare and embrace their willingness to engage in politics, we need to be careful of their misguided involvement in the political arena. 

AA (The Younger one), ed. AA 

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Saturday, 7 July 2012


Read the article and see more images on

Rihanna is looking crazy good in Harper’s Bazaar US  's August issue (which I find puzzling because it isn't August yet...anyway).

Its funny because before she got super hot people used to always say she was my doppelgänger, don't get that comparison any more... awks. That said, love her, love her attitude, okay okay sometimes she comes across as a bit of a skanky hoe but I like to think that's because celebrities these days (minus the ones that are truly skanky hoes) are expected to be as squeaky clean (read as 'boring') as say Selena Gomez (ew) and in reality people, especially those who have a crazy surplus of money and power, can't all be the image of perfection (also known as "Beyonce"). 

And lets be honest if Riri is the image of a bad girl, who the hell wants to be good?

Well I guess I could start this blog much like all introduction sessions start...
A pleasant, warm and familiar greeting in my native tongue in attempt to create a safe and comfortable zone for my (non existent ) audience. Check. 

Next, perhaps a brief outline on what I intend to be contained in my blog, followed by the expected outcomes of the said content... 

Only issue is I have no idea what the fuck I'm going to write about or what I'm expecting to happen when I write it. So on that note I think I better conclude this failure of a first post and leave the pressure that starting a blog has behind and jump right into the meaty and hopefully somewhat more interesting content that I wish to provide to my large following of dedicated readers (lol jks).